Modern architecture. Inside out with Alexandra Fedorova, Fedorova Architects

"Harmony is the integrity of content and shell. Like architecture and interior design."

Alexandra shared with us her thoughts on what “harmony” is in architecture, in the interior and in person. Revealed the meaning of "modern architecture" in her understanding. And what meanings and ideas influence personal style. 

"Architecture “outside of time” is modern architecture appropriate today, tomorrow, in 10-20-30 years, timeless, and therefore eternally valuable. It remains in concord with the environment and people throughout the years."

The project is glazed with panoramic Sky-Frame windows. System: Sky-Frame Classic 3 


About Inside Out project

This is a project about the modern style of architecture and the people who create it.

We talked to the bright architects and asked each of them just one question: What personal qualities shape your style and are reflected in the creation of modern architecture projects?

Each participant has their own story and unique path. Everyone puts their own meanings, character, values, taste.This is about a new generation of architects who create completely different spaces, filled, open to nature.

Mobile shooting

The entire project was filmed on the phone

Director, cinematographer Artur Mikheev


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