Panoramic windows are a sure trend

The architecture of the wall of glass

The change of any historical era brings with it a change in architectural style. Nowdays, all sorts of new building materials are used, which create the need to reconsider the relationship between design, function and form.

The facade system. Corner size 2.5x3.5x5.8 m

New facade systems of a high technological level gave the architect the opportunity to implement the most daring concepts in the design of facades and volumes of the structure. Creating a harmonious structure in the proportions and surfaces of the facade walls.

Sky-Frame sliding systems

The development of glazing systems aimed at improvement of technical indicators of glass with the use of innovative design and engineering solutions that can reduce energy costs, improve indoor climate, increase light transmission panoramic glazing and provide minimum heat loss.

Living room with Sky-Frame glazing

In many ways, thanks to our perceptual experience, a constructive system gives rise to an aesthetic one, in which there is a direct relationship leading to the world of forms. Probably, those times when the form and design belonged to different categories are far behind.

Connection with nature

In conclusion, I would like to note that using all available means, a person consciously or unconsciously tries to compensate for the negative feeling generated by the lack of connections with nature and a sense of internal and external isolation, increasingly giving preference to large windows.

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