Wooden windows and doors premium
German technology and traditions of a family business
KOWA combines the natural properties and aesthetics of natural materials with the latest technology and creates a product unsurpassed in functional and visual characteristics for any architectural solution.
Unique sistems
  • Wooden windows Kowa from Germany - centuries-old traditions in modern processing. Windows are made of precious wood species, the color of the coating and accessories are carefully selected for the most sophisticated interiors.

  • Wood-aluminum windows are an ideal choice for a city apartment or a country house. Long-lasting weather protection and minimal maintenance are ensured by aluminum overlays. Modern methods of painting and processing aluminum solve any tasks set by a designer.

  • Sliding window systems are becoming more and more popular in modern architecture. Panoramic windows fill the space with light, significantly save space and allow you to open large openings. It is possible to execute with a minimum threshold.

  • The process of creating entrance doors is individual for each house. Most often, the door design is developed by the project architect. According to the drawings, we exactly recreate the conceived idea. KOWA also presents a wide collection of ready-made solutions. Entrance doors can be with an increased level of security.

  • The filigree profiling of the sash edges and folds underlines the classic architecture.

  • Straight profile with slightly beveled edges. The sash and the frame are located in different planes, creating spatial depth.

  • The system without aluminum rain strip is enhanced with profiled edges, slats and decorative details made with precision.

  • The frame and sash trim are in the same plane and are separated by a minimum groove. Inside and outside, all profiles are rectangular, which makes the facade look very modern, and from the inside the window looks elegant. It is possible to install electric shutters inside the glass unit.

  • Наша популярная система окон Line, теперь в варианте Premium для максимального комфорта и непревзойденного дизайна. Накладка оконной рамы закрыта по всему периметру, идеальный внешний вид, легкий уход.

  • Straight corner profile in combination with a closed frame trim. Timeless design.

  • The glass railing is supported on both sides by supporting structures built into the frame. The Faktum system here is equipped with a deep overlay on the frame to ensure glass fixation - an optically and constructively thought-out solution for the “French balcony”.

  • A special feature of this rectangular system is the minimalist sash trim. Modern architecture - thanks to the additional thermal insulation of the window frame - relies on large glass surfaces, which are surrounded by natural wood on the inside. It is possible to equip with blinds inside a glass unit with a continuously adjustable electric drive.

  • Various ways to integrate into smart home systems. Access control, remote opening by actuator.

  • Wood-aluminum window with integrated blinds, mosquito nets, external window sill and glass railing. All embedded systems can be installed separately.

  • Various options for decorative layout. The appearance of the sash profiles is part of a system solution that contributes to creating a harmonious interior.

  • Large selection of wood: Red Gradis, Meranti, Akkoya, Oak, Larch, Pine. Individual selection of wood for each project is carried out. Precious woods and matt glaze coatings expand the possibilities for sophisticated interior design in the high-end segment.

  • The high quality powder coating is available in 50 standard colors of various textures and gloss levels. There are also 16 premium coatings available, including a variety of finishes, iridescent, matte or glossy finishes: anticorrosive -site Covering premium 30. For the aggressive environment of the marine climate.

  • Windows with increased sound insulation up to 52 dB, bullet-proof, anti-burglary and fire-resistant systems.

  • Reconstruction of the historic window. Recreation of the window according to individual drawings.

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