Frameless Sliding doors
A view, not a window
The Swiss made frameless windows and sliding doors are the key to exceptional architectural creations and, thanks to the flush transition between indoors and outdoors, an unbounded spatial experience with spectacular vistas.
Unique sistems
  • System

    Classic - timeless aesthetics. The sliding doors comprise insulating glass units with perimeter sections made from aluminium or glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP). Mounted in aluminium frames that are fitted flush with floor and ceiling, the sliding units offer minimum rolling resistance when operated. The rectilinear door system evokes timeless appeal. True to the Bauhaus vision, the ceiling-high glass facades help to create a minimalist architecture in which the view takes centre stage.

    • Classic:

      Sliding elements

  • System

    What sets Sky-Frame Plain apart is the hidden transition between the inside and the outside that is flush-fitted with the floor. The sliding window glides along a narrow gap in the floor. The space between these tracks is covered by the same flooring as the interior of the room, which reinforces the feeling of a free-flowing transition between indoors and outdoors. As soon as the windows are open, this seamless transition becomes a pleasing experience. With its triple-glazed elements, Sky-Frame 3 with Option Plain is insulated to an optimum standard and can therefore also be installed in cold regions. Its innovative system layout makes maintenance and cleaning effortless, even in installed condition.

  • System

    The sliding elements of Sky-Frame Arc are used to create curved glass facades, adding soft contours to the home environment. The radiused glass units offer smooth running performance and play on the contrast to the rectilinear interior and facade architecture. The system meets all Sky-Frame standards and can be equipped with an electric drive on request.

    • Arc:

      The radiused glass system

  • System

    Sky-Frame Slope sliding windows offer the ability to be installed with an inward or outward inclination depending on requirements. The system meets all Sky-Frame standards while generating a distinctive spatial geometry. The bearing assembly is able to accommodate all vertical and horizontal forces, thereby achieving superior running performance. Regardless of inclination, the system drainage of this slanted window type meets all driving rain resistance requirements.

    • Slope:

      Inward or outward inclination

  • System

    Large size entrance doors in a thin profile. By lightly pressing the handle, the sash rotates on an offset axis, opening a wide opening. The peculiarity of the door is the absence of a threshold.

    • Pivot:

      Сentral opening

  • Technology

    The 12 mm thick, single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 units are suitable for applications without thermal insulation requirements. The system also incorporates special sliding seals that offer a high level of sound control.

    • 12 mm

      The single glass system

  • Technology

    The excellent sound and thermal control standards met by the Sky-Frame 2 technology have made it the most popular Sky-Frame solution. The slim (only 30 mm thick) double-glazed insulating glass assembly has proved to be an outstanding performer in a wide range of climate zones.

    • 30 mm

      The double-glazed system

  • Technology

    The Sky-Frame 3 technology with its 54 mm thick insulating glass units meets the highest standards and is Minergie-P certified (passive house standard). The triple-glazed insulating elements offer extra stability and even greater resistance to wind loads.

    • 54 mm

      The triple-glazed system

  • Сapabilities

    With its insect screen, Sky-Frame Fly makes it possible to enjoy the summer without being plagued by insects: when not in use, the screen fully retracts out of sight into the frame. Sky-Frame Fly can cover openings of up to more than 3m in height.

  • Сapabilities

    Sky-Frame Drive’s electric drive facilitates simple and virtually noiseless operation of the sliding elements at the press of a button. The drive is concealed in the ceiling section and allows the door panels to move automatically.

  • Сapabilities

    Sky-Frame Guard doors are burglar-resistant and can be enhanced with laminated safety glass and additional security hardware concealed in the frame. Integrated alarm sensors monitor the doors. For more safety - Sky-Frame Gun features insulated security glass, reinforced frames and vertical profiles, all of which protect against gunfire.

  • Сapabilities

    When Sky-Frame Pocket is opened, the door elements slide effortlessly and completely into the wall so that living spaces are completely open, highlighting the magnificence of the interior architecture.

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