Fired wooden entrance doors KOWA GMBH

German company KOWA has introduced two new models of entrance doors Kemar and Kone

They are created in the traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sumi Ban, also known as Yakisugi. This one-sided firing of boards was originally used to create protection for natural wood. Shou Sugi Ban combines beautiful three-dimensional structures that present the tree in a whole new light.

KEMAR, Marugame surface

Kemar model-surface Marugame. This variant of roasting has an almost fossil character. The carbon layer pattern is slightly shiny. The layer is very hard and has proven itself well in outdoor use as a long-term facade cladding. The gorenje process creates a natural resistance to mold, moisture and weather conditions.

KONE, Nakatado surface

Kone model-Nakatado surface. In this version, the boards are fired, brushed, and then oiled. Thus, the structure of the board acquires height differences of up to 2 mm.

Aluminum frame

Professionally welded and stove-enameled corners of the aluminum frame look like a single unit. For high-quality powder coating, only sifted powder is used. The extended drying time provides protection against fading due to UV radiation.

Door leaf is framed on the outside as a valuable work of art, and is further emphasized by the contrast of the material. The frame and sash are joined flush at the same level.


From the side of the room, you can embody absolutely any design, choose from many beautiful types of wood, different texture gradients or colored surfaces.

Safety and comfort

KOWA's doors are marked with the RAL quality mark and have an RC2 test certificate. State-of-the-art locking technology provides an RC2 safety class, and electronic control capabilities offer a high level of convenience.

Safety class RC2

With a thickness of more than 12 cm and a high insulating core, these doors also achieve first-class performance in terms of heat and sound insulation.

Doors that change the design

The special design of the models from the FENNEN series allows you to give these doors a completely new look. The massive frame plate can be dismantled in two steps. Then a new plate is installed quickly and without dirt. This happens without noise, without dismantling the door completely and it is possible to change the design as many times as you want.

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