Moving architecture
When static elements are set into motion, this gives rise to new architectural possibilities.
HIRT kinetics® transform buildings and open up new dimensions in the design of building envelopes, walls and windows. Turn these elements into dynamic objects that completely transform spaces by merging interior and exterior landscape.
Unique sistems
  • HIRT kinetics® SF 90 is suitable for a wide range of applications such as living rooms, pool and spa, dining etc. The maximum width of the HIRT kinetics® SF 90 can reach 6 meters, and the maximum weight of a single panel is up to 1500 kg. The panels are driven by a silent motor installed in the technical room.

  • The HIRT kinetics® SF XL is virtually unlimited and can reach enormous proportions. The width of each panel can reach 12 m. The descending facade, with an area of up to 40 m2, definitely impresses everyone.

  • Unlimited possibilities for individual solutions. In the HIRT kinetics® Spezial design, all types of facade cladding are used: metal, stone, wood, and others. The largest of the lowered facades implemented today has a length of 20 m and weighs 7,500 kg. The system allows you to implement unique solutions of even larger sizes.

  • The windows are lowered into a special technical room, where the counterweight is located and all the equipment is installed. The facade is completely hidden and compared to the floor of the room.

  • The panel rises and hides behind the facade in a special case or behind the upper transparent part of the system. Counterweights and automation system are hidden in the side profiles.

  • The overlay for the threshold of the system can be made of any material. Most often it is made from an individual floor covering. Thus, the absolutely flat threshold merges the two spaces together.

  • To increase the thermal and acoustic properties, a pneumatic seal is additionally installed. When the window is closed, the compressor pumps air into the tubular seal, which significantly increases the tightness of the system.

  • A set of laser sensors monitors the space along the descending panel and immediately stops its movement when something enters the monitoring zone.

  • Hirt systems can be telescopic. The panels are connected into each other and when they are lowered, no vertical guides remain for the entire length of the glazed opening.

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